Meet the family….

Well hello, fancy seeing you here! 🙂 For those who do not know me let me share a little bit about myself.

Born in London I grew up and lived above various London pubs, with my Irish parents, 5 sisters and 1 brother.  Meal times were squeezed in-between pub opening and closings times, always rushed (which is why I eat so fast I’m sure!) except for Sunday. Sundays, those were always a day we shared a family Sunday roast meal.  My culinary taste buds were pretty limited back then, pub-style foods, fish, and chips on Friday and the occasional avocado prawn cocktail if I was feeling adventurous….even as a young adult I would turn my nose up at trying something different food wise!

Meeting and marrying my husband exposed me a variety of different cuisines because of his heritage, German, Austrian, Pakistani and American. His mum and grandmother would make these wonderful dishes and shared so many of their recipes with me over the years.

Having no formal culinary training, I discovered the joys of home cooking through trial and many, many errors!. I wanted us to enjoy good food, without spending an age in the kitchen or a fortune on weird ingredients.  I’ve adapted various recipes, some old family ones, others invented, to suit our budget and lifestyle. This resulted in a collection of meals that are simple to prepare, and delicious to eat. 

I had always wanted to write my own family recipe book to give my children so they can share the meals we love with their own families one day.  My husband thought it might be a fun idea to make occasional videos of me actually preparing the meals that bring us so much pleasure as a family.  After some persuasion, the idea grew on me and so here we are with “Caroline’s Saucy Kitchen.”

Most of my recipes are very forgiving if you add a little more or less so they are hard to mess up so experiment and enjoy; that’s one of the pleasures of cooking, making a dish your own!

I heard once that to cook a meal for your family was an act of love and that sums up my sentiments perfectly! Our goal is always fun, not perfection with our videos so we hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we do in making them……and thank you for stopping by!


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